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We’re Anti a lot of stuff…



But one of the things we are most Anti is…..


We feel like Industry and greed is holding back the potential of helping so many people. While we are entrepreneurs ourselves and love building businesses, we feel like a lot of people in this industry are getting greedy like Big Pharma. So we are on a mission to change that…


We’ve been in this industry for a long time through our previously owned companies and we’ve seen company after company come and go. We’ve seen that the companies that are most passionate about helping people are the ones that stick around and ANTI is no different. We are so passionate about helping people that it has hurt our business more than once. And by hurt, I just mean that we haven’t made as much money as we could because we were more focused on helping people than making money. A business has to make money to survive and thrive but they don’t have to scam their customer base in the process. As CBD has become more and more known for helping people with things like anxiety, inflammation and depression; more suppliers have come into the space which has driven down the cost of CBD. It’s crazy to us that the retail price to consumer, hasn’t dropped that dramatically.




One of the reasons that we are able to keep our prices down is that we are direct to consumer. This means you are buying directly from the manufacturer. The reason other companies have much higher prices is because they manufacture the product, then it is sold to a distributor and then sold to a retail store and then sold to you. Each company has to make their money through the chain. We cut out the distributors and the retail stores and sell direct to consumers. This way we can give you the bottom line price and make this affordable medicine for all while still using the best pure 99.4% Pure CBD isolate grown right here in America!




So the more that we can get our prices down on cost, the more we will drop our price to our customers, saving you a ton of money! We already have our 1000mg drops with 99.4% Pure CBD Isolate sourced 100% from American grown hemp crops priced on the low end of the market at $49.95, but we know we can get that down. We want to make CBD affordable medicine for everyone that needs it! The more products that we sell, the more we can buy in bulk, which means we can drive our prices even further down for you!


This being said…




This means that we can lower our prices to the consumer, making it more affordable medicine for more people! So those wonderful 1000mg drops I just talked about, have dropped from $49.95 to $39.95!!! Our other products have dropped in price too! We are so happy to announce this and can’t wait until we can drop our prices down again! Our goal is to be the most inexpensive CBD medicine on the market and we can do it with your help! Spread the word and let people know that Anti is the CBD company of the people and we won’t rest until we are the most inexpensive company on the market providing high quality CBD to everyone in America!