CBD Doesn’t Kill The Coronavirus

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A lot of people have been asking us about CBD and the Corona Virus. While CBD can help with sooo many things, it is not a magic cure all(even if it helps with soooo many things). I think the people out there saying that CBD will cure or stop the coronavirus are insane and are just hurting the CBD industry by making false claims like that. CBD CAN help boost your immune system and help keep your anxiety at bay to keep your body calm. These two things alone can help your body have a stronger immune system against the coronavirus but will in no way, shape or form, cure the coronavirus or stop you from getting it! CBD will however always try to help your body maintain homeostasis and just help everything in your body run smoother. Keep your anxiety at bay by using 1-2 droppers full of Anti CBD drops daily!

So these are our top 7 ways to stay safe during the coronavirus:

  1. Stay inside, nobody wants to lose out on money from work right now but you’ll lose out on even more money if you get sick, just sayin. Plus you run the risk of catching coronavirus and not knowing it, and then spreading it unintentionally.
  2. Drink A LOT of water! Stay hydrated!
  3. As much as you might want to party to not think about the craziness going on out there, stay away from alcohol. Drinking alcohol can weaken your immune system and dehydrate you.
  4. Stay active! Look up some free at home workouts online.
  5. Take your CBD daily and give it to your children too, especially if you’re all getting stir crazy and anxious indoors quarantined together. All of our products are THC Free and we have a lot of parents that give it to their children for things like autism, Tourette syndrome, tics, anxiety, mood, depression, and sleep. We give it to our own ten year old daughter and it is completely safe!
  6. Your pets are stressed right now and can feed off your vibes, give them CBD to keep them calm in these stressful times, not so much for the coronavirus but to treat our pets the way we want to be treated.
  7. This is a no-brainer but pretend that you’re 6 again and you have to wash your hands after everything you do. You can do it, I promise…

So besides number 1 and number 3, these are just basic tenements of life that you should be following every single day anyways. It shouldn’t be that hard. Stay calm and realize that this is temporary and will be over soon. They have already found cures for the coronavirus and it will just take a little bit of time to get it out to anyone that needs it. 

This is just a personal thought, but I feel like if there was a real, huge worldwide Pandemic that was killing hundreds of thousands of people, everyone failed in this whole stay calm, don’t panic and be nice to your neighbors thing. People are literally fighting in stores over toilet paper. Toilet paper isn’t a necessity and humans have made it through every other disaster in this world without having a toilet paper panic. So it’s pretty easy, be nice to others, realize they might need to poop too and let’s work together to get through this tough time!

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